Micro Ring Hair Extensions


If you've researched extensions you will have most likely have come across this method. Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the most popular type of hair extensions in the UK and abroad.
Small, Discreet and easy to maintain are three words we often use when describing this method.
We use the smallest type of copper/silicon tubes when applying our micro ring hair extensions. These tubes flatten completely so that the connections are super discreet and they come in a wide array of colours, making it easy for us to find the colour best matched to your hair.


Advantages of micro ring Extensions:

  • Micro rings are a great method for clients who do not want their hair extensions applied using heat or glue. They are very popular with first time hair extension wearers.

  • Micro rings are easy, quick to apply and easy to maintain, adding length and volume in a few hours.

  • The micro ring method is applied using no heat, glue or chemicals and are applied using a small ring which is clamped between your natural hair and the extension.

  • No need to dye your natural hair to achieve a different style such as 'Balayage or Ombre' 

  • You can style and wash your hair extensions as if they were your own hair, including:

- Curling            
- Straightening
- Blow Drying